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Why I'm Here


As a published writer...

I found that business writing was my forte. I worked for several years for one of the online resume writing platforms, but was dismayed at the lack of care the firm often showed toward their customers. I chose to perform resume writing independently, so that I could provide my clients with the attention and quality work they deserved.

As part of my resume writing process, I began interviewing clients in order to gain a more in-depth knowledge of who they were, what they wanted in terms of their next job, their career and their life, and what they brought to the table as an employee and as a person. Not only did this added step help me showcase the client more effectively, but many times it helped the client gain more insight into their desires and motivations, as well as clarify their vision for the next step. This led me to take coursework in coaching and become a certified life coach.

In order to add value for my clients, I have also developed - and continue to develop - a network of HR professionals who are seeking talent. This allows me to introduce qualified clients to people who may have placements available, helping them to avoid a lot of the rejection and disappointment that can be part of the job search process. It also shortens the time between beginning a job search and becoming employed! 

I look forward to helping you accomplish your career and life goals!