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Why should you hire a professional resume writer?

It doesn't take a genius to write a resume, does it? After all, anyone can download one of those free templates, slap some nifty sounding buzzwords into it and use a resume distribution service to email it to thousands of hungry employers. So why spend any money at all to have your resume written, and what exactly is a "professional" resume writer anyway?

 - You Hate To Write (Or Don't Do It Well) - 

After making it through term papers, research papers and a few creative writing courses in high school and college, most graduates HATE the idea of writing anything. So why deal with writing a resume when you can hire a pro to do it for you?

Although resume writing isn't on par with brain surgery or even house painting, each of these endeavors require practice and skill. And just as the first year medical student wouldn't attempt to perform a delicate brain operation and most homeowners hire professional painters to restore the beauty of their homes' exteriors, job applicants should outsource their resume to a professional who has the demonstrated skill and expertise to design and write a resume that showcases what you offer your next employer in the best possible way.

- Time - 

If you are already in a job, your free time is valuable. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to write a resume. Hiring a writer who does nothing but this on a full time basis is a win-win for both of us. 

- Results -

If you still have doubts about outsourcing your resume to a professional, consider this: what results have you achieved with your current resume? Are you getting called in to interviews? Are the interviews you are called into appropriate to your experience level, or are they for jobs that churn through employees so they are calling in everyone? If your results aren't what you would like them to be, then it may be time to change your strategies.

With over 5 years' of focused experience in crafting resumes, CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn / professional profiles for job seekers from entry level to C-Level, JMT Professional Resumes knows what it takes to get the results you need. More interviews, more recruiters chasing you, and more opportunities to shine. Those are the results you'll get when you hire us to rewrite your resume.

- Value - 

What would give you the most benefit for the least amount of time and money spent? If you were able to obtain more interviews .... interviews for positions better suited to your abilities and experience level ... and accelerate your move into a more fulfilling job, what would that be worth? And wouldn't the value of that service outweigh the one-time cost of having a professional write your resume?

Our resumes are customized, highly targeted resumes that are SEO enhanced and keyword dense. This allows it to glide through Applicant Tracking System automated screeners such as Taleo and land in the hands of a real-live human being. They are also designed to be eye-catching, organized and visually appealing. This ensures that a recruiter, hiring manager or human resources professional has an easy time finding the reasons why he or she SHOULD call you in for an interview.

We offer three affordable resume packages for your convenience. The basic package is perfect for those just entering the job market and new grads. The mid-level package is ideal for anyone with job experience who wishes to move up the corporate ladder, or who wishes to transition from one career path to another, such as from the military to a civilian career. Our Executive package is tailored specifically for C-Level professionals, academicians, or professionals in law, medicine or accounting.

So whether you're just entering the job market, ready to move up the corporate ladder or seeking a position of leadership, your best first step is to make JMT Professional Resumes your job search partner.

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Resume Packages Available

You'll be directed to a client questionnaire after your payment is processed.

Basic Resume

  • For recent graduates, first-time job applicants or people looking new position in their same field or industry.
  • Good for those re-entering the job market, such as stay-at-home mothers.
  • One to two pages
  • Focuses on proven skills and achievements, whether academic, job-related or gained through volunteer efforts. 
  • Keyword optimized to get through digital screening process.

Price - $125.00

Add a matching cover letter for $35.00

Add a LinkedIn profile page for $75.00

Service Level

Career Changers / Midlevel Career

  • One to three pages
  • Emphasizes transferable skills and accomplishments over specific job titles. Shows how your skill set and experience make you an ideal candidate for your newly-chosen field or for a promotion.
  • Focuses on desired position, not on previous positions or job titles
  • Age-related information minimized
  • Ideal for older workers, military to civilian career transitions, government to private sector job changes or "mid-life" career moves.


Price - $195.00

Add a matching cover letter for $35.00

Add a LinkedIn profile page for $75.00

Service Options

Professional CV

  • Three or more page resume details academic achievements, publications, presentations, patents and employment history
  • Designed for the professional: C-Level positions, academia, directorship level etc.
  • Utilizes standard CV formatting.
  • Keyword optimized to get through digital screening process.

Price - $295.00

Add a matching cover letter for $35.00

Add a LinkedIn profile page for $75.00

Services Options

All of our resumes can be reformatted to comply with international CV standards for individuals seeking employment outside of the United States. 

Confused about which resume package is best for you? Contact us with any questions - you can even include a copy of your current resume for an evaluation.

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